About Main Campus

Located in beautiful Ridgefield, Connecticut and just a 2-minute drive from The Golf Performance Center, Main Campus is home to over half the EAP student population. Vardon Hall and the two residence halls are among beautiful New England greenery and walking trails. The dining room, recreational room, and lounge can be found on the main level of Vardon Hall. Classrooms and offices are situated on the upper level. Campus is always buzzing with energy as students balance their golf and academic schedules while still finding time for fun activities.

Main Campus has 24/7 exterior surveillance, along with automatic locking doors to all buildings. Students are provided with a key fob, which gives them access to residence halls and Vardon Hall during open hours. Full-time staff live on campus who help guide students through their transition of living away from home.

Contact the Office of Admissions

Tom Bopp
(203) 439-6758