Who We Are

Ethan Allen Preparatory at The Golf Performance Center is committed to an individualized, passion driven learning environment in which student-athletes are challenged to maximize their learning through exhibiting proficiency in academic skills, high moral character, and a deep understanding of the academic content and topics in which they engage.

EAP understands that passion, physical and intellectual rigor create a unique pathway to success for each student-athlete. As a model for schools of the future, we provide an educational experience that is tailored to the individual and that aligns the teaching and learning happening in the classroom with similar principles being taught on the course by highly trained coaches at The Golf Performance Center.

The blended learning model incorporates the flexibility of an online curriculum with the personalization of individualized and small group learning opportunities in EAP classrooms with EAP teachers. Programs such as mindfulness training, nutrition counseling and regular meetings with a sports psychologist round out our holistic approach to preparing our student-athletes for the next level. Additionally, the flexibility of the EAP schedule enables students to continue learning while competing in tournaments in Florida throughout the winter months. Simply put, EAP’s mission is to support young people on their journey toward achieving greatness in the classroom, on the golf course and in life through the following Five Elements of Success Principles:

1. A desire to improve themselves in all aspects of life.
2. A strong relationship with coaches, teachers and mentors fuels deeper learning and understanding.
3. Nutrition and exercise are crucial to sustaining optimum levels of performance in the classroom and on the course.
4. Maintaining a growth mindset, understanding failure, eliminating distractions and mindfulness are important steps on the road to success.
5. Identifying the tools necessary to forge ahead in your journey to success.


A Message From Our Founder

Founder - Roger Knick
Ethan Allen Prep is truly unique because it provides our student-athletes with the tools to grow athletically, culturally and as lifelong learners. The program is designed for the junior golfer who aspires to play Division 1 College Golf. Our program combines the best practices for development, golf and physical coaching, tournament preparation, tournament play and high-level academic experience.

Roger Knick

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