Achieve Your Greatness in the Classroom.

EAP is a model for schools of the future. We recognize the growing desire to provide an educational experience fueled by a student's pursuit of a passion as well as the growing need for a safer and more personalized learning environment. EAP provides a forward thinking educational experience, through our partnership with K12, that aligns with the teaching and learning happening on the course. Students graduate from EAP with the skills, tendencies, and grit necessary to further pursue their passion in college and in life successfully.



K12 Private Academy and our uniquely designed courses provide a personalized classroom setting for each student. Our goal is to maximize learning through this approach to academics.


Academic Support & Enrichment

EAP provides additional support for students in the areas of college readiness, SAT prep, mindfulness, reading, writing, STEM, and study skills. Teachers are readily available to provide one-on-one or small group support.


Mind & Body

EAP recognizes that teenagers are facing a multitude of distractions and pressures to succeed in today’s world. In addition, EAP student-athletes have a particular drive to succeed in the world of golf. Through our mindfulness curriculum led by our team of psychologists, we help our student-athletes become more self-aware. Our mindfulness coaches treat each student athlete as an individual and help them build the tools navigating their complex world.

​Nutrition and exercise are key factors to becoming a successful student-athlete. EAP provides a responsible and balanced menu at each meal. Additionally, we engage our student athletes in the discovery of food as fuel for their bodies and their brains. An individually designed exercise training program is paramount to the success of each student-athlete. Our professional coaches at GPC work with each student to help them improve strength, flexibility and endurance in order to maximize their athletic potential.

Character & Service

Schools are producing the next generation of difference makers in the world. EAP believes that the world needs more empathy and it is our duty to help instill that in our student-athletes. Emphasis on compassion, understanding, acceptance and happiness defines the culture at EAP.

Understanding the world around us and the available resources to those who are less fortunate than us is knowledge in becoming a responsible citizen of the world. All student-athletes will be expected to engage in service learning activities as well as build a theoretical understanding of the world and how they as individuals, can make a difference.



Located in Ridgefield, CT, The Golf Performance Center is the Northeast’s leading full-time golf training academy for athletes of all ages and skill levels.

GPC believes the best way to maximize performance is by following The 5 Elements of Success, which is closely linked to the principles we teach at EAP. GPC provides valued instruction, guidance and the necessary facilities to develop junior athletes, both physically and mentally, to successfully navigate challenges on the journey to competitive golf.


EAP will work with students to find meaningful internship opportunities in various fields so students may begin to discover the array of career choices they might have post college.


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