Both day students and boarders are an


part of our close-knit community.

"I like how it’s a small community and the perfect balance between golf and school. You get one on one help from teachers here but at my old school teachers had too many students to be focused on me. I didn't really feel connected to them and I couldn’t easily talk to them. However, at EAP, I feel like I have a good relationship with the golf coaches and the EAP staff and I can really talk to them about everything. At EAP, I feel like I can be much more open about myself and talk through school/golf."

Koto, Class of 2023


Florida Trips

Student-athletes typically take a one-week trip to Florida monthly. Because of our online curriculum through K12, students are able to complete their work while traveling seamlessly. Our staff works with GPC coaches to ensure our students are supported while balancing their academic and athletic responsibilities. Due to COVID-19, the Florida trips are being assessed with the safety of all student-athletes in mind.


Ethan Allen Preparatory believes that knowledge is power. Our students learn the ins and outs of nutrition starting on Day 1 which gives them the insight to observe what their bodies need to perform at their highest level. Students are supported throughout this journey by attending a bi-weekly nutrition lesson with GPC’s Performance Coaches to track their progress and create new goals. Throughout their time at EAP, they understand how impactful it is to fuel their bodies with the necessary foods to perform and recover.

Gallo of Ridgefield, a contemporary Italian restaurant, caters breakfast, lunch, and dinner for students. Nutrition is of the utmost importance and each meal is crafted with this in mind. Our dining hall is located on the first floor of Vardon Hall, just below EAP classrooms.

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